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Olivia D Lima Actress Wikipedia Age and Instagram – Who Plays Fenisha In Casualty?


Famous British actress Olivia D Lima is not yet featured on the page of Wikipedia. Keep reading to find out more about her age and Instagram.

Olivia is a renowned British actress who is widely known for her role in the movies such as Casualty, A Normal Light, and many more. She is an uprising talent who has gained fair praises from her work.

Besides, Olivia played the role of Fenisha Khatri in the television series Casualty, which helped her gain more fame in the industry. She is passionate about her work.

Lima produced, written, and directed the short movie entitled A Normal Light. Moreover, Lima has been in this field for a few years but has worked with various professionals.

Meanwhile, Olivia made her debut in 2017 by starring in Disconnect. After that, she worked in various movies and television series. 

Olivia D Lima Actress Wikipedia

Olivia D Lima is a talented actress who has impressed many people with her fantastic work.

However, Lima has not been given a page to her on the site of Wikipedia. But we can explore the internet and discover more information about her career and personal life.

Her projects are Alison, Twisted Guide to Life, Mosquito, Driver’s Seat, etc. Olivia has always been passionate about working in this field, and she aimed to pursue a career in it.

Olivia D Lima Age: How Old Is She?

Olivia D Lima’s age is probably between 25 to 30 years old.

It isn’t easy to put on the actual age of Lima as she hasn’t disclosed her birth date publicly.

Follow Olivia on Instagram

Olivia is registered on Instagram as @olivia_dlima and is enriched with more than 8k followers.

She is fond of using social sites, and she is also active on Twitter since May 2021. Further, Olivia shares various updates of her day-to-day life from these platforms. Apart from that, we can find something about her filmography on IMDb with ten credits as an actress.

Woah. Overwhelmed. My biggest love to my fellow cast & a wonderful crew. ♥️ #Casualty

— George Rainsford (@georgerainsford) August 7, 2021

Olivia D Lima Net Worth- Who Plays Fenisha In Casualty?

Olivia D Lima must have garnered a decent net worth from her work in the film industry.

But she hasn’t shared anything about her earnings, so her exact net worth is still under review. Indeed, Olivia’s income has risen after she worked in the series, Casualty.

In Casualty, she played the character of Fenisha, which many people love. As per a report, Olivia was in floods of tears as she filmed her character Fenisha Khatri’s final moments on the hit BBC hospital drama.

She burst into tears while filming her death scenes this week. Her role, Fenisha, was killed in a horror crash on her wedding day in heartbreaking scenes on Saturday night.

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