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Ashley Jones Accuses ‘Teen Mom’ Fans of Being ‘Racist’


MTV Ashley Jones accused the “Teen Mom 2” fan base of being “racist.”

Ashley Jones accused the “Teen Mom 2” fan base of being “racist” via Instagram stories on August 4. The MTV star said she was aware that viewers did not like her, but she wasn’t going to quit because of the negative comments she receives.

“Y’all don’t like me. I get it,” she wrote, according to the Instagram page Teen Mom Talk.

“I’m referring to all the racist comments that every episode brings me. It’s clear that the ‘Teen Mom’ fan base is somewhat racist, which is why I’m constantly told my behavior would be better suited for ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ It’s very sad to see,” the 24-year-old wrote. “But I won’t quit my job because y’all hate me. I won’t do anything. The problem is with you. Period.”

“I will teach my daughter to dislike actions and character traits, not color,” she continued. “I hope y’all do the same.”

Jones first appeared on “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” in 2018, where she showed her rocky relationship with fiance Bar Smith. The couple shares 3-year-old daughter Holly together.

Jones made the move from “Young & Pregnant” to “Teen Mom 2” after longtime favorite Chelsea Houska DeBoer quit after 10 years with the series. The mother-of-one made her debut on season 10B.

Jones Was ‘Excited’ to Join ‘Teen Mom 2’

Before being inundated with hateful messages, Jones told People in April 2021 she was “excited” to film with the other ladies of “Teen Mom 2.”

Season 10B showed Jones graduating college and accepting Smith’s marriage proposal — for the third time.

“I’ve messed up the other ones and I want to apologize and tell you that I appreciate you,” he told her during the season. “You’ve been with me through a lot.”

“I appreciate you for standing by me,” he continued. “I would like to ask you again, will you marry me?”

Smith Admitted to Being Addicted to Alcohol

During the “Teen Mom 2” reunion special for season 10B, Smith told hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab that he realized he struggled with substance abuse after he was forced to abstain from alcohol. Smith was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, which would detect liquor consumption.

“It worked out for the best because at the end of the day I do have an addiction, so it worked out to help me get as far away from it as I could,” Smith revealed.

“There was a point when I was drinking every day,” he continued. “I realized that I used to drink to get away from everything that I dealt with in my life that wasn’t always publicized all the time. It was a long battle.”

Smith revealed he’s in therapy to deal with his past trauma.

“Certain stuff is a lifelong battle so you want to make sure if you are having any mental health issues whatsoever, don’t walk away from it,” the father-of-one revealed. “Don’t undermine it, don’t think it’s something small. Because it’s not and at any moment it can turn into something worse than what you think it could be.”

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