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What Does Personal Profile Mean On Tik Tok? Personal Profile Meaning

What Does Personal Profile Mean On Tik Tok? Personal Profile Meaning


TikTok is one of the most trending social media platforms these days and every TikTok users want to earn fame no matters what. Here we will discuss what Personal Profile actually is and why is it very important in the context of making your videos go viral. 

What Does Personal Profile Mean On TikTok?

Personal Profile is actually a traffic source type which can be viewed on every TikTok videos. It simply means the views you received from a third person. Here, third-person means those people who are not the ones you are following and not the ones who are following you.

How does the view counts really work?

It might sound complicated but it is not. There are basically three options in Traffic Source Type which are For You, Follow, and Personal Profile. Also, there is a fourth option named Sound. The view counts from For You and Follow are all counted after someone who follows you watches your TikTok videos. 

How do the views count of Personal Profile actually work?

Now, as you know how the view counts work for For You and Follow, it is very easy to figure out how the view counts work in Personal Profile. When someone searches your videos through a normal search or through a search via hashtag,  the view counts definitely increases but it increases in the Personal Profile sector.

Is it good or bad to have more Personal Profile view counts?

It is not actually good to have a huge percentage of view counts in the Personal Profile sector. This is because the ones that don’t follow you and just watch your videos might steal your video and upload it somewhere which will actually benefit them, not you!

When will the Personal Profile view count decrease?

To decrease your Personal Profile view count, all you need to do is ask people to follow you rather than just letting them watch your videos. Find platforms that will mention you to increase your followers count. If you are successful in decreasing the Personal Profile percentage and have a huge number of views then, you might be the next trending topic on TikTok!


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