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What Is The Blue Whale Challenge TikTok – Trend By Jonathan Galindo | Whale Challenged Survivors

What Is The Blue Whale Challenge TikTok – Trend By Jonathan Galindo | Whale Challenged Survivors


Back in 2019, a dangerous trend was launched on the TikTok called Blue Whale challenge. This seems to be recurring online once again. 

Social media has been the pool of many trends and challenges. Most of them challenges are humorous and enthusiastic. They will keep you up laughing even if you failed to perform it, especially if you failed to perform it. 

But there are handful of challenges that are very risky and shouldn’t be done at all. These challenge may even constitute to the cyber crime and hamper your social media dignity. Such challenges should be boycotted at any cost. 

Among such trends, one called “Blue Whale Challenge” is the most dangerous challenge to ever be trending on social media. If you kept wondering about what was the Blue Whale challenge, you are about to find out. 

What is The Blue Whale Challenge on Tiktok?

Actually, Blue Whale is a type of game. It is a game which has different many challenges. As per the game, it has 50 series of challenges. The challenges themselves are very odd and bizzare. 

The challenges are hierarchially ordered, i.e. from easiest to the toughest. The last and the final challenge of the game is to commit suicide. 

This game was released in 2019. And in no time, it went all over the social media, unsurprisingly of course. Many people actually killed themselves as the aftermath of this game. Hence, the game is infamously dangerous and shouldn’t be played at any cost. 

Also, The blue whale challenge game is banned in almost all of the countries. However, some of the countries have given permission for this game, which is remarkably ridiculous thing to do. 


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During the time of launching, the game went viral on Tiktok. Tiktok users were seen making video addressing the challenges of the game. And hence, it was very negaitve approach by the tiktok creators. 

As a result, the hashtags and all the videos associated with blue whale challenge have been deleted on Tiktok. But recently, there are few videos popping up which are similar to that ever depressing challenge. 

Who is Jonathan Galindo?

Jonathan Galindo is an anonymous user, a person who is painted like a dog. He is supposed to be the creator of the Blue Whale challenge. He is significantly followed on social media. On tiktok, he has more than 16k followers already. 

Galindo was in hype when Blue Whale challenge was into play in 2019. But when the game was banned, he maintained his low profile. But now again, he seems to be popping in the people’s inbox. 

Galindo makes a different approach this time. He gets in your inbox and dares you to do different challenges. The person should be found and given the punishment he deserves. 

Who created the Blue Whale challenge?

Jonathan Galindo. If you see it on the internet, it says that it was Jonathan Galindo who first initiated the Blue Whale challenge on social media. He has different social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. 

Galindo has the profile picture of a person painted with a dog face. He looks terribly scary and it’s a better move to keep your social distance with him. 

Such extreme trends on social media advertise negativity on people. Among the social media users, many are teenagers. And things like these can affect their mental health to more extent than one can imagine. 

Hence, such talents should be completely banned from the social media. Only funny and hilarious challenges should be encouraged so that teenagers can have a better mental health. And if you are having issues of mental health, please please find help as soon as you can. 



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