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Audrey Trullinger Tiktok (audreytrullinger), Age, Height, Instagram

Audrey Trullinger Tiktok (audreytrullinger), Age, Height, Instagram


Social Media is giving a platform to share any type of content and helping every content creator to gain popularity and fame. Audrey Trullinger also uses multiple social media platforms to share her experiences,  give knowledge, and much more. Audrey Trullinger is a TikTok star born on February 11 In 2000. The birthplace of the star is the United States.

Quick Facts: Audrey Trullinger

NameAudrey Trullinger
BirthdayFebruary 11, 2000
Age20 years
ProfessionTikTok star
YoutubeAudrey Trullinger

The TikTok account name of the content creator is Audrey where she has earned 317K total followers and has got 7.5M  likes which is huge numbers. The journey of the TikTok star has been very smooth as she is constantly gaining followers as her content is really entertaining and funny.

10 Facts on Audrey Trullinger

  1. Audrey Trullinger is a TikTok star/ YouTuber born on February 11, 2000, and has gained huge popularity over the internet.
  2. The birthplace of the star is the United States and her ethnicity is white.
  3. The TikTok star is just in her early twenties as of June 2020 but has achieved huge success at a very young age.
  4. Aquarius is the zodiac sign or sun sign of the TikTok star.
  5. The content creator has recently joined youtube and but she is not so active there and her youtube channel name is Audrey Trullinger.
  6. The content creator is constantly pushing content in TikTok and she has got 317K followers and her total video likes are 7.5M which gives us the idea that her content is loved by huge mass.
  7. Audrey gets very creative with her video and always tries to be creative with her videos.
  8. Most of the content of the star is very funny and she includes amazing dance steps in her video which makes her content entertaining.
  9. The star has not yet disclosed her height information but from her content, we can say that she has got decent height.
  10. Audrey works really hard to deliver original content and to make them entertaining.


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