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What Side Of TikTok Am I On Quiz- ALT TikTok Quiz Explained

What Side Of TikTok Am I On Quiz- ALT TikTok Quiz Explained


Which side of Tiktok am I in? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Most probably not because Tiktok seems like just one big application for you and me but there is another side of it. Most hardcore TikTokers know of this. So, if you want to know more about this division of Tiktok and Alt TikTok, that’ what we will be doing today.

“What Side Of TikTok Am I On?” Quiz

TikTok is one of the most talked-about application today. People are addicted to it and whether it’s right or wrong, only time will tell. The craze started with short-form videos and transition videos slowly faded away with time. Although those kinds of videos gain enough views when famous people do it, people always want to see something new on the platform.

Alt TikTok is an answer to this. Alt Tiktok is a response to general TikTok where creators make their own funny and goofy content rather than riding the waves of trends and making redundant content. If you use TikTok enough, you must have heard about Alt TikTok. Basically, it’s TikTok but much better and creative.

There are many quizzes on the internet catering to TikTok users. In these quizzes, people are asked a series of questions and their answers are processed by the site. Then, it says what kind of a TiKtoker are you. Or it says if you are addicted to TikTok or something else.

So, this quiz, if you take it, it will supposedly tell you which side of TikTok are you on. Whether you are on traditional older TikTok or new Alt TikTok. It’s not that serious of a question but a fun thing to discover about yourself.

Alt TikTok Quiz Explained

First of all, let me explain what Alt TikTok is. As the name suggests, it means alternative Tiktok. It poses itself as an alternate version of TikTok where you can find contents that are almost sort of rebelling against traditional TikTok and trends.

So, the TikTok that attempts to make fun of TikTok and is bit goofy and much weird is Alt TikTok. Some people think Alt TikTok is cool whereas some people are of the opinion that it’s just a bunch of pretentious people congratulating themselves for being cooler. Everybody has their own opinions on this thing.

Now, let me explain to you how internet quizzes work. In internet quizzes, you are asked a series of questions and you will have to choose options. After that, the algorithm is going to process your choices and give you an answer to the question. 

On different sites, there are quizzes such as “Are You An INFJ Personality?” and other kinds of questions. These topics of quizzes can be anything. Similarly, TikTok is getting famous now, and there are quizzes related to TikTok as well.

There are questions that seek answers to what kind of content do you enjoy on TikTok, what are your viewing habits and all that. After that, you will be given an answer whether you are a boring old kind of TikToker or cool, Alt TikToker.

I do not know how legitimate this quiz can be but it can certainly predict what kinds of TikToks you like. That information will now be useful to determine if you are an Alt TikToker or not.

Therefore, this is all I have to say about the Alt TikTok quiz and you can find some cool content on Alt TikTok. Just go ahead and search. All you need to do is type funny Alt TikToks and you can find a whole lot of these Tiktoks that you can enjoy.



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