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What is Comic Panel Filter? How To Get Comic Panel Filter On TikTok?

What is Comic Panel Filter? How To Get Comic Panel Filter On TikTok?


What is the Comic Panel Filter, you might ask? But, we are quite sure you have already seen it. As it has become another trend on TikTok, you might have been bombarded with photos and videos with this filter. So, it is almost impossible not to notice this trend when almost every person out there has been using it.

And, if you have been looking to figure out how to use the Comic Panel Filter then, there is no place you’d rather be. It might not look as easy as ABC to make use of this filter but hang in there. Because once you read these easy steps that we have got for you, you are going to love using this filter.

What is the Comic Panel Filter?

So, what is this Comic Panel filter and why is it so famous? Well, all this filter on TikTok does is make your face turn into an animated one. Sounds fun, right? People on TikTok have been raving about it. And, you will see just how amazing it feels after you use the filter.


This has got to be one of the personal favorites of some Tiktok stars. People have even come up with a hashtag of #comicfilter which has amassed a whopping 1.7 million views within a few days. And, the number is still spiking up. This goes to show the craze of this new comic panel filter.

How To Get Comic Panel Filter On TikTok?

After knowing how famous this filter has got, you surely don’t want to miss out on using it. Neither do we want you to fall short in this trend. This is why we have for you guide steps to follow to get the Comic Panel Filter on TikTok.


Now, don’t get your heart racing because it is not that hard. It is like any other filters on TikTok that you have been using. So, this one won’t take a lot of effort from your side. Just focus and stick to the following steps and you are done.

  1. First and foremost, open your Tiktok app.
  2. After that, tap Search and type Comic Filter.
  3. Now, you will find hundreds of thousands of videos with the Comic Panel filter. Out of which, you can select any of them.
  4. Then comes another step where you have to tap on the effect Comic on that video. And, you will be redirected to a new page.
  5. There you will see a video recording icon (in red color). 
  6. You can then select any photo or video from your gallery that you want to turn into a comic.

This is how you get the Comic Panel Filter on TikTok. So, that’s pretty much it guys. No that hard at all, right? 


Is Comic Panel Filter Effect Available on Instagram and Snapchat?

The Comic Panel Filter effect is not available on Instagram and Snapchat if that’s what you are asking. While both Instagram and Snapchat have their own filters which are quite fun. But, sadly, they don’t have this one.

However, if you want these filters on Instagram or Snapchat then, you can still do it. Well, you will not get to use this filter directly on these social media sites. But, what you can do is use this filter on TikTok to get the comic effect on any photo or video that you like


After that, you can just simply save these on your galley and later upload it on Instagram and Snapchat. So, not having the Comic Panic Filter effect on these sites is not that big a problem. And, this is exactly what most people are doing as well.


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