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Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Wife Name, Is He Married, Jaya Kishori, Girlfriend

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Companion:-Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is the Maharaja and Chief of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, who is understood for his Non secular Pilgrimage Self-discipline within the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. He’s infamous for studying the mind of the Other folks without being known the leisure from them. It is rumored that he married Jaya Kishori.

Shyam Manav who is Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti has alleged that Dhirendra Shastri doesn’t own any miraculous powers and he is fooling folk. Dhirendra’s Supporters and Devotees are Constantly Supporting Him, he has offered his clarification nonetheless this controversy is rising day-to-day.

In this blog, it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance possibly possibly also be taught, about, Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Companion’s Name, who Married, Jaya Kishori, his Female friend & More.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Companion

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is an unmarried Man. He has no relationship with somebody. Many folk Rumors that he married Jaya Kishori, nonetheless he mentioned all became a lie, he mentioned he and Jaya had been treasure brother and sister.

Though his Mom has also talked about getting her son married right by a fable occasion.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Companion Jaya Kishori ( Rumored )

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Family

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri became born on 4 July 1996 in a brahmin family. His Guardian’s names are Ram Krapal Garg ( Father ) and Saroj Garg ( Mom ).

His father is a Kathavachak and his mother is a milkwoman.

He has one sister named Rita Garg and one brother named Shaligram Garg J Maharaj, who is a Kathavachak.

His Grandfather Pandit Setu Lal Guruji knew as Shri Shri 1008 Dada Guru ji Maharaj Alias Bhagwan Das Garg.

FAQ About Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Companion

Q.1 Who is the Guru of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri?

Ans. Sanyasi Baba is The Guru of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri.

Q.2  Who Are Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Oldsters?

Ans. His Guardian’s names Are Ram Krapal Garg ( Father ) and Saroj Garg ( Mom ).

Q.3 In Which Declare is Bageshwar Dham?

Ans. Bageshwar Dham in Madhya Prads=esh.

Q.4  Who is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Female friend?

Ans. Rumored, that he is married to Jaya Kishori.

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