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Al Roker Wife Deborah Roberts, Health Condition, Relationship, Kids

Al Roker’s Wife:-Al Roker is an American Weather Presenter with Television Personality, Journalist, and Author. He is the Weather Anchor on NBC’s On the present time. His Wife Deborah Roberts is an American Journalist.

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Al Roker Health Change

Al Roker had surgical procedure on 7 June 2001 for a Total Knee Arthroplasty. Again he had a Abet Operation in 2005 for knee Surgical treatment.

He had Carpal Tunnel Surgical treatment in October 2018 and in September 2019 had Hip Replacement Surgical treatment.

His Wife Deborah Roberts discusses a ‘upsetting’ clinical dash

He used to be hospitalized in November 2022 and treated for Blood Clots in his Lungs and used to be absent from NBC On the present time.

Deborah Roberts ( Al Roker Wife )

Al Roker’s Wife American Television Journalist Deborah Roberts. She works for the ABC News division of the ABC Broadcaster Television Community.

She used to be born on 20 September 1960, meaning she is 62 years ancient. She graduated from the University of Georgia with BA.

She used to be awarded the Georgia Famous Alumnus Award.

They married on 16 September 1995.

Al Roker Wife

Al Roker’s Ex-Wife ( Alice Bell )

Al Roker used to be Previously Married to WNBC Producer Alice Bell. They married on 22 December 1984 and separated in 1994.

They’ve collectively adopted one daughter Courtney Roker in 1987.

Al Roker Ex-Wife

Al Roker Youngsters

Al Roker has three children. Two daughters Courtney and Leila Roker. His Son used to be named Nicholas Albert Roker.

His Daughter Leila is an American Journalist, who used to be born on 17 november 1998.

His Son Nicholas used to be born on 18 July 2002.

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Family ( Father, Mother )

Roker used to be born on 20 August 1954 to his Of us Isabel Roker ( Mother ) and Albert Lincoln Roker Sr. ( Father ).

He has two siblings named Christopher Roker and Alisa Smith.

Al Roker Siblings

FAQ About Al Roker’s Wife

Q.1 Who is Al Roker’s Wife?

Ans. His Wife is an American Journalist Deborah Roberts.

Q.2 What is Al Roker’s Wife’s Age?

Ans. She is 62 years Ancient.

Q.3 What is Al Roker’s Wife’s Gain Price?

Ans. Gain Price is established at $10 Million.

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