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Who Was Anjali Singh? Delhi Girl Accident, Dragged By Car About 13 Kilometer

Who Changed into Anjali Singh? Within the loss of life of a girl in Delhi named Anjali Singh, who changed into dragged for kilometers by a automobile that hit her scooter on 1 January 2023,

Anjali’s buddy Nidhi, who changed into with her, has acknowledged she’d left the procedure in inconvenience after the accident. Nidhi additionally said that she did no longer pronounce someone about the collision “out of inconvenience”.

Who Changed into Anjali Singh? Delhi Lady Accident And Dragged By Car

In a assertion claimed by Nidhi, she said that the accident changed into the automobile driver’s fault, although the person in the Maruti Baleno acknowledged the scooter changed into going off target and that brought about the collision.

Within the accident soon after, Anjali Singh fell in front of the automobile while Nidhi fell on the opposite aspect of the avenue. That’s why Nidhi escaped without harm, nevertheless Anjali’s leg changed into stuck in the automobile’s front axle and Anjali changed into dragged via the streets sooner than one of the most 5 men noticed after about 13 km.

CCTV Footage of The Accident

Anjali Singh’s Death

Anjali Singh’s Put up-mortem principles out bodily assault, and confirms loss of life due to ‘head accidents’. Anjali’s autopsy changed into performed on Monday 2 January 2023 at Maulana Azad Medical College by its medical board.

The Put up-mortem story states the Length in-between cause in the aid of loss of life as shock & hemorrhage due to antemortem harm to the high, left femur, backbone, and both decrease limbs. All accidents happen due to blunt power impact and maybe with a vehicular accident and dragging.

Costs on Five Folks In The Slay of Anjali Singh

The 5 of us Krishan (27), Manoj Mittal (27), Deepak Khanna (26), Mithun (26), and Amit Khanna (25), who maintain reportedly arrested for being under the impact of alcohol at the time, and charged with ‘culpable homicide no longer amounting to homicide’, rash using, and inflicting loss of life by negligence, and maintain been sent to 3-day police custody.

They all acknowledged they sped away in inconvenience after hitting the scooter of Anjali and Nidhi. It changed into after the automobile had lined 13 kilometers, dragging the girl via the streets.

Truly appropriate one of the most men noticed an arm protruding at a U-turn, and they stopped, Anjali’s body fell off, and they drove away.

The case changed into resolved after police spoke back to calls from of us that saw the body being dragged.

In most cases Requested Questions about Anjali Singh

Q1. Who changed into Anjali Singh?

Ans. Anjali Singh a girl from Delhi changed into dragged for kilometers by a automobile that hit her scooter.

Q2. When Did Anjali Singh Die?

Ans. Anjali died on 1 January 2023 in a Road Accident.

Q3. What changed into the age of Anjali Singh?

Ans. Anjali changed into twenty years broken-down at the time of her loss of life.

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