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Vicky Fairly Odd Parents Voice, Character, Background, Personality And More

Vicky Quite Unparalleled Fogeys Inform:- The picture Most of Timmy’s wants comprise getting revenge on her or avoiding her as a results of her extraordinarily menacing behaviour toward him. Here’s one in all, if no longer the most predominant reasons why he has fairy godparents. In total, Vicky is recruited when Timmy’s fogeys must quick hump for one in all their “adults-handiest” vacation spots, leaving Timmy in her merciless care. Grey DeLisle, who also does the voices for Tootie, Vicky’s sister, and a preference of diversified characters, plays the characteristic of Vicky.

vicky somewhat weird fogeys

Vicky Quite Unparalleled Fogeys Inform

The Quite OddParents’ Vicky is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin. Vicky occasionally sports actions a inexperienced chop top, shaded bottoms, and shaded sneakers. She has pink hair pulled assist proper into a ponytail, pink eyes, pink lips, and an out-of-self-discipline belly button. Within the presence of Timmy’s fogeys and diversified adults, she regularly puts on a softer, sweeter tone. She became within the muse Timmy’s main target within the first sequence because her relentless torment made him so depressing that he obtained fairies. Timmy pulled so many magic-linked pranks on his first day with the fairies that Vicky grew to change into mighty too suspicious when he within the waste had to conclude.

Grey DeLisle Late Vicky Fairy Inform


Vicky is a indubitably pretend individual; among adults, especially fogeys, she gifts as a form girl who enjoys spending money, but as the oldsters hump, her factual self emerges. She tortures Timmy so today that it handiest takes a second to ruin the living, and since she is conscious about how gloomy Timmy’s fogeys are, she finds it straightforward to trick them. Timmy has always desired revenge and to do away with her, but everytime these wishes reach factual, he’s compelled to replace his plans because something would invariably convey up or intervene to convince him that he genuinely wants her (such as his fogeys hiring a worse babysitter).She earns astronomical sums of cash via her babysitting for smartly off fogeys and diversified smartly off of us. Excluding Timmy Turner, she has gone via transformations more normally than any diversified individual.

vicky somewhat weird fogeys personality


Vicky is one in all essentially the most tainted and disagreeable characters within the convey; she lies to fogeys, cheats in all the pieces she does, tortures adolescents (alongside with Timmy and her bear sister Tootie), is amazingly avaricious, merciless, selfish, reckless, testy, and displays no remorse for her deeds. Vicky is one in all the worst characters within the convey. Vicky isn’t thought to bear loads of sentiments, but she has occasionally expressed happiness and even made an effort to be kind to Timmy.

vicky somewhat weird fogeys personality


As talked about in “Abra-Catastrophe!” and alluded to in “Imaginary Gary,” Vicky began looking at Timmy Turner when she became 14 and he became 8 years extinct. Timmy’s fogeys had fooled him into believing he became being left by myself, but when he chanced on a flyer marketing and marketing Vicky’s babysitting provider, he haunted and dialled this number. Vicky entreated Timmy’s fogeys to hire a babysitter when she bought there so they would possibly maybe also use time together doing adult issues.

vicky somewhat weird fogeys background

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