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Isbae U Biography, Wiki, Parents, Age, Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Real Name, Career, And More

Isbae U Biography:- Isbae “Bae” U Barbie, normally identified as Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi, used to be born on April 5, 1995. He’s a 27-Twelve months-stale actor, comedian, and social media large name from Nigeria. He’s a droll one who’s successfully recognised for his like a flash, absurd skits. His Yoruba-talking people gave birth to and raised him within the southwest of Nigeria. Isbae U is a member of the Yoruba tribe and is from southwest Nigeria.

Isbae U Biography

The performer is a musician moreover a web page developer, which is how most folks know him. In 2020, he revealed his first song. He also has a large following on Instagram, where he posts the bulk of his fun movies. He performs music, creates hilarious skits, and has impact on social media. The illustrious performer started out by showing in movies sooner than deciding to assign hilarious sketches for social media. When Isbae U looked in a Mr. Macaroni comedy video, it helped to advance his comedic career.

isbae u biography


Lagos Stammer is where Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi used to be born and nurtured. Many of us are unaware that he is Kamal Adebayo’s son, a successfully-identified Yoruba movie actor. No doubt, we don’t know mighty about his mother, siblings, or numerous family. The successfully-identified comedian used to be born in Nigeria’s Lagos Stammer. He’s a native of the thunder of Lagos. All of his accomplishments and achievements might per chance well per chance be attributed to Lagos Stammer. The time period “Fvck Shi!t,” popularised by Isbae U, is successfully-identified.


Isbae U used to be grown and born in Lagos Stammer, where he also obtained his training sooner than starting his comic career. He’s the son of notorious Nigerian actor Kamal Adebayo, nonetheless he did acquire his first faculty diploma and his west African senior faculty diploma.


Isbae “Bae” U. Barbie used to be born in Lagos Metropolis within the mid-Nineties. His father, Kamal Adebayo, has a lengthy historic previous in Nollywood. Ismail, normally known as Isbae U, developed a keenness for acting and entered the Nollywood business. After some time, he shifted to comedy and started sharing like a flash sketches on YouTube and Instagram. He looked in a skit by one other Instagram comedian, Mr. Macaroni, in 2019, which helped him carry out notoriety. Since then, he has developed impulsively within the industry and repeatedly shares droll movies along with his followers. He has a following of spherical 250k on Instagram. Nonetheless, 1,300 people subscribe to him on YouTube.

isbae u career

Lady friend

Isba Isbae “Bae” U is rarely any longer married, and he will most likely be no longer a father. On the opposite hand, he has opted to remain mum in relation to his contemporary girlfriend. Isbae “Bae” U. Barbie allegedly has a relationship with Kemz Mama, in step with rumours.

isbae u girlfriend

Sexually Accused

After purportedly being accused of inquiring for sexual favours from ladies who wished to be included in his comedy sketches, the performer turned the topic of online conversation. The performer answered by announcing that whereas he had made some errors, the girl who brought up the topic used to be a blackmailer.

Get Price

It is a ways unknown what amount of cash the social media influencer is worth. On the opposite hand, in step with The Metropolis Celeb, the associated price is reportedly believed to be between $30k and $150k. His gain worth is influenced by his many numerous sources of earnings.


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