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Stephen Marley Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Wife, Family

Stephen Marley Oldsters:-Stephen Marley is a Jamaican-American Musician. Marley is the Son of Jamaican singers Bob Marley and Rita Marley. Marley gained the Grammy Award for Perfect Reggae Album in 2012. His Son Jo Mersa Marley Passed away on 27 December 2022 on the age of 31.

In this blog, potentialities are you’ll well perchance also moreover read, about Stephen Marley’s Oldsters, Father, Mother, Siblings, and Wife & Family.

Stephen Marley Oldsters

Marley became born on 20 April 1972 to his Oldsters Bob Marley ( Father ) and Rita Marley ( Mother ). His Guardian married on 10 February 1966.

Marley Oldsters

Bob Marley (Father )

Bob Marley became a Jamaican Singer, Musician also songwriter.

He became notorious for his Albums equivalent to ” Seize a Hearth, Burnin, The Better of The Wailers ( 1971 ), Tidy Terror ( 1974 ), and Exodus ( 1977 ).

He became born on 6 February 1945 and Passed Away on 11 Can also 1981 on the age of 36 in Jackson Memorial Health center, Miami, Florida, United States attributable to attributable to the unfold of melanoma to his lungs and mind.

Rita Marley ( Mother )

Rita Marley is a Jamaican Singer. Marley became a Member of the Vocal Community the I Threes alongside with Marcia Griffiths also Judy Mowatt.

She became born on 25 July 1946, which formulation she is 76 years former.

Wife & Children

Marley Married Kertia DeCosta Marley. His Son Jo Marley Passed away on 27 December 2022 on the age of 31.

FAQ About Stephen Marley’s Oldsters

Q.1 Who Are Stephen’s Oldsters?

Ans. Bob Marley ( Father ) and Rita Marley ( Mother ).

Q.2 Who’re Marley’s Siblings?

Ans. 11 Siblings.

Q.3 Who is Stephen’s Father?

Ans. Bob Marley, Jamaican Singer.

Q.4 Who is Stephen’s Mother?

Ans. Rita Marley, Jamaican Singer

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