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Who Is Abigail Thorn? Philosophy Tube Creator Comes Out As Transgender

Who Is Abigail Thorn? Philosophy Tube Creator Comes Out As Transgender

Abigail Thorn, a British actress and the creator behind the famous Philosophy Tube Youtube channel, has been the center of attention after making a bold yet admirable step in life. In a recent video, the creator made peace with herself as she came out as a trans woman.

The star told the fans that she had always known that in private, however coming out in public made her feel happy and relaxed. Her fans are appreciating her action and even supporting her throughout.

Quick Facts: Who Is Abigail Thorn? Philosophy Tube Creator Comes Out As Transgender

Name Abigail Thorn
Birthday 24th April 1993
Age 27
Gender Trans Woman
Height 6 feet
Nationality British
Profession YouTuber
Salary $80,000 annual
Education Royal Grammar School
Twitter Abigail Thorn

Abigail Thorn 10 Facts

  1. Abigail Thorn has recently come out as a trans woman in a video posted to her Youtube channeL Philosophy Tube titled ‘Coming Out as Trans – A little public statement‘.
  2. Abigail Thorn’s age as of 2021 is 27 years. She was born on 24th April 1993 in Newcastle, England, UK. She is of British nationality.
  3. Abigail Thorn’s height has not been revealed with certainty. Her appearance shows that she may be around 6 feet tall.
  4. Abigail Thorn decided to become a YouTuber to provide a philosophy degree for free in response to the rising tuition fees in England that led to students not even considering higher education. She created a YouTube channel ‘Philosophy Tube‘ on May 31, 2013. So far the channel has been successful with over 845k subscribers, 288 uploads, and 54,516,719 total views. 
  5. Abigail Thorn’s partner has not surfaced over the media. However, it can be believed she will reveal her partner if there is one, in the near future.
  6. As an actress, Abigail Thorn has provided her acting chops, narration, and voice-over in several movies including Henry and Cool Party Guy. Moreover, she has also done some commercials with the likes of Stylist Magazine: Gender Pay Gap and Brita x Shortlist.
  7. Abigail Thorn was considered to be a straight woman before. She changed her sexuality to a trans woman in her recent video. Kudos to the amazing creator.
  8. Abigail Thorn’s family life is mysterious and still out of the media’s touch. However, considering her appearance, they could be both of the same ethnicity.
  9. Abigail Thorn’s net worth is still under review. However, according to Social Blade, the channel’s yearly revenue can reach up to $80,000. However, considering sponsorships, her acting career, and other YouTube channel she operates, the number could be even bigger.
  10. Abigail Thorn doesn’t seem available on Instagram despite having several pages associated with her. However, the creator’s Twitter handle has over 224.4 k followers.

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