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Who Was Garo Melekian? Step Dad Of David Lemieux Died

The actual name of David Lemieux’s father is Andre Lemieux, who died in a taking pictures. Garo Melekian is his stepdad, but of confusion, each person considers that Garo Melekian died, but here just is not appropriate. 

All of us know that this form of confusion is long-established as Garo had helped his mother plenty by giving him nourishment. His brother used to be progressively very grateful to him, and each person thinks that he used to be his birth father in that methodology, this confusion is incredibly long-established, but the actuality is that his birth father Andre died, not his stepdad.

Reason for the death of Andre Lemieux:-

He used to be killed in Montreal by taking pictures, and at that time, the town used to be jubilant with such shootings each day, so he additionally died in his taking pictures; after we notify about David, so he used to be a superior boxer, after which salvage to know that his right dad died on account of of taking pictures he wrote on Instagram that R.I.P. Dad and he used to be a extinct IBF middleweight champion. On the nook of Jules-Poitras and Deguire Boulevards, the first taking pictures came about on Tuesday at 9: 45 pm.

Relation between Garo, Andre, and Aznive:-

Andre and Aznive are David’s right parents. Smooth, when this couple had two childhood, they both obtained separated, and later Aznive Khavloudjian, a Lebanese Armenian, married an Armenian man named Garo Melekian. 

Then his mother took both his sons, and they collectively helped them to grow, and after we notify about the relationship between Andre and Aznive, they obtained married. On December 22, 1988, they gave birth to David. And now we are hearing the news that his right dad died, so he have to additionally be very sad. Allow us to wish that God presents him energy.

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